Antler was founded in 1984 by Mr. Ananda Jayasinghe, widely renowned as the undisputed “Father of screen printing” in Sri Lanka. In 1994, Antler Fabric Printers started its journey as a BOI registered printer for the apparel industry. Since then, Antler has been pushing the boundaries to attain many innovations for the growth of the industry. Among those many “firsts”, in 1995, Antler developed the first Water based and Plastisol inks in Sri Lanka. later in 2000, Antler was first to drive the automation of screen-printing in Sri Lanka. Antler then took the lead to introduce many innovative product varieties among which a notable few were the presentation of different varieties of Embellishments and Sublimation.

Antler plays a pivotal role in establishing the craftsmanship of the screen-printing industry, the Craftsman Guild created by Antler founder in 2006, deliberately focus on continuous sustenance of the invaluable knowledge and experience of the highly skilled craftsmen of Antler.

Antler thrives in creating an environment of innovation and invention to all members of the organisation. In 2007, the product development centre was created to fulfill the ever-changing design needs of the fashion industry. With latest design soft wear and creative graphic designers, Antler has been able to capture the trends of the fashion world and convert its vast techniques to suite its customer’s fashion trends.

Antler’s role in the fashion industry doesn’t only involve in creating new products or exploring new markets as the largest screen printer in Sri Lanka. Since the inception, Antler has been involved deeply in many social and environment protection activities. With the flourishing of its business, Antler has ensured to maintain the required environmental, health and safety measures to its strictest levels. Alongside the required standards, Antler greatly involves with its community to support its CSR project, based on a mother’s primary care. In 2007, Antler laid its first foundation stone for this special project by creating a centre for mother and childcare. This establishment support the community in terms of providing knowledge and support to the pregnant mothers for their care during the pregnancy period.

Today, Antler stands, with state of the art technology that can be transformed to endorse the ever-changing fashion industry, in its demands for creative products and processes. Antler remains to be the first mover and innovator in the industry as they are maintaining their guiding philosophy of preserving the core and stimulating progress with the aim of reaching world-class standards and providing total solutions for screen printing and embellishments